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LIFE.  A four letter word that means so much.  Not easy to explain and it's different for everyone.  Who your parents are, where you're raised, how much money you have, the people you meet, the friends you make, the decisions you make all make you who you are.  They create your life-good or bad you don't have all that much choice.  What do you do when you life feels like it's over but your heart is still beating?  Are you supposed to fix that?  Which is easier to do?  Fix your problems or end your miserable life?  They're both hard.  Fixing your problems is a long, painful process that could take years-hell it could take forever.  Now ending your life is a quick way out of it all-the only problem is working up enough guts to actually do something.  SEE, another problemThat's all life is.

A LESSON LEARNED                   June, 27/03
I was sick of your bullshit,
I had enough of it.
You walk around thinking you're bad,
But actually it's all really quite sad.
But don't think of changing for me,
Perhaps you'll wake up some day and see.
You say things you really don't mean,
It's my fault-I should've seen.
But I'm older and wiser now,
I got over you someway-somehow.
I still wish though that you knew what you did to me,
But I've learned I don't need you to be happy.
Now I must concentrate on me, myself and I,
And not caring for one particular guy.

What Can't Money Buy?                          Dec.5/99
I look above and the skies are clear,
it only happens when you are near.
I'll never be able to let you go,
although rarely do my true feelings show.
I know recently we've been growing apart,
but I knew you were the one for me right from the start.
You give me things money can't buy,
I guess you're just a really special guy.
It made me sad to hear you cry,
just over the fact that one day I'll die.
Unfortunately one day this will be true,
but trust me sweety I'll never leave you.
And if by chance death strikes you first,
that feeling would be the absolute worst.
In life or death I'll always think of you,
not that I needed to say it-you already knew.
Whatever you do please put up with me,
I want to be with you for eternity.
I'll love you if you're an athlete, a farmer or a star,
I'd love you in Canada, Europe or wherever you are.
Man makes the money, money doesn't make the man,
Even if you're broke I won't give a damn.
I don't love you for materialistic things,
I don't care about expensive care or gold rings.
I love you for the thing that you do,
you make me feel the way I'm supposed to.
My point is you're a very special guy,
you give me more than money can buy.


I sit here just to think for a bit,

My life is nothing but shit.


No one seems to care about me,

They will see how life without me will be.


I won't necessarily be dead,

I'll just confine myself to my home-my bed.


I wish I had strength to end this hell,

I don't think anyone would miss me anyhow.


I care about someone but I'm not sure what to do,

It's hard to tell someone "I love you".


I'm here but my spirit is not,

Hope for the future is all I've got.


That doesn't even look too good,

Find a better life I think I should.


Not a better life-just a better me,

maybe then my life would be happy.



There's finally a nice one!!! :)