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I'm going to put poems that i wrote a while ago, things aren't so tough now as they used to be!


I want nothing else but to be thin,   

that's the only way I'd be happy within.


Nothing else would make me happy,

than to be really pretty.


Everyone says that I'm skinny,

but they obviously don't look closely.


I want my problem to be over,

for that I need a four leaf clover.


I want to look the best for my boyfriend,

I need to lose weight for this to end.


Right now nothing's going good with me,

My life is completely empty.


I know one day I will win,

one of these days I will be thin.



UNEXPECTED ENVY              Nov. 9/99
I'm writing this poem not quite sure what to say,
I hope my world turns good one day.
I look around and what do I see?
A bunch of people that are happy.
I'm not saying that is so bad,
For you guys I am really glad.
I wish that you could be me,
When I look into you my eyes are filled with envy.
I'm sure that you're life is better than mine,
My problems get worse-spreading like a vine.
I can't help but be jealous of you,
I've lost hope and don't know what to do.
I guess I shouldn't sit here and b*tch,
to give up or not I'm not sure which

LIFE'S MISERY                             Aug.27/0010:10am

I sit here alone quietly on my bed,

not caring that I have yet to be fed.


I'm confused and scared what will happen next?

Will we continue our relationship or will I be vexxed?


Only God knows for sure but he doesn't seem to care,

About me or my life-I have enough misery to share.


I have guys who genuinely seem to care about me,

But I always pick the ones who treat me unkindly.


I've been suffering with bulimia for over a year,

Growing old alone is what I truely fear.


I'm stressed and depressed and that's not the end of it,

I could share more but you can't handle my sh*t.


I'm sure you'll all experience what I already see,

We're all here to share life's misery.


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